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The primary purpose of this position is to manage the overall IT strategy of MOBIUS. As a not for profit organization that works with libraries of nearly all sizes and types to help them achieve their goals, it is critical for this position to have a high degree of skill across a broad range of technical areas, be highly adaptable, and be able to identify and implement low-cost but effective solutions. The position requires the ability to see the big picture and to understand the real, long-term costs of a given solution to ensure that MOBIUS can continue to provide tremendous value with a... read more

Park University announces the appointment of Jon Ritterbush as the director of library services and learning commons. Ritterbush began his duties at Park on Sept. 1.

In his position, Ritterbush is responsible for the development and management of the University’s learning commons, which includes the McAfee Memorial Library and the Academic Support Center, housed within the newly renovated Norrington Center. He is also responsible for defining the strategic direction of the learning... read more

Get a bird’s-eye view of the construction on the Olin Library Transformation project. (For desktops and laptops only. Recommended browsers are Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.)

“If you plan it, they will Con! And boy, did they ever!” says Library Center Manager Jessie East. “Our door count at the Library Center on Saturday, August 27, was over 4,083 people! By comparison, on the fourth Saturday of August 2015, our door count was 1,597. 

“They were decked out, dressed up, and spent the day attending panel discussions, learning new games, sharing fun activities with their families, meeting artists and authors, and taking pictures. The Mudhouse had their biggest sales day ever, and the Gift Shop table made double what they hoped for. And we didn't have so... read more

Southeast Missouri State University’s Kent Library has recently introduced the online video streaming service, Kanopy.

The database includes more than 26,000 films from leading producers with the streaming interface, making it easy to watch, share, discuss and engage with films across campus.

Barbara Glackin, dean of Kent Library, says the collection includes documentaries; educational films; and a wealth of videos — instructional, global studies and languages, arts, business, international, health, media and communications, social sciences, sports, science and technology,... read more

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